Social Media: An Angelic Devil

Social Media Apps

The usage of social media has whopped up tremendously in the last seven to eight years. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WeChat, Telegram, TikTok etc. have all found their places in the mobile phones of people.

Social media has become so important to people as some of them have lost touch with their families and friends. Apparently having a huge amount of following, thousands and lakhs of likes and followers have become the new “mom” and dad”.

Social media was created for socializing and entertainment purposes, not for faking your lives, cyberbullying, abusing, trolling, etc. It’s an angel when it comes to propagating good ideas, spreading awareness, for educational purposes, and to a limited extent, socializing. But after that line is crossed, all social media becomes is a way to turn one person against the other and in some extreme cases suicidal and deathly tendencies.

Let’s take the example of Twitter.  People (children, teens, and adults) would rather pass hate tweets to celebrities and one other than actually do something for themselves. Just like I said earlier, social media has provided various platforms to hating people who get their happiness from someone else’s miseries and problems.

And even though these applications and websites have a lot of goodness to offer, are they really worth it?