sea shore, waves

It's a reality we've been living in for the past eight months.

February, the month of transformation - this year for me it began in Goa. The jungle, the sea, colors, wind, sunshine... and companionship. Seems almost like a dream to us now. Then March came, and ''companionship'' as a term itself became a taboo. But what is companionship?

Do you need love? Do you need tenderness, socializing, mobility - to be aware that you are a living being? Of course you do. We all do. The world is in need of kindness and compassion. Instead we are living are present lives in solitude, and solitude is the key to the Pandora's box - but it doesn't necessarily need to be just that.

Solitude is peace. Solitude brings thought, and thought brings closure. When I think about reality and imagine a more beautiful outcome of my doings, it must mean that I am able to compose better things in the future that is to come. The future seems less distant and more clear. Every thunderstorm has an ending, and so does this lonesome time we are currently living in. Time itself is a relative thing, and needs to be treated with respect and gratitude. Using the time we have at hand now is nothing but a reminder to be gentle to ourselves, to keep doing good and most of all - to love one another.

Companionship does not mean that we must stay physically close. It means that we must stay together in unity of the spirit.

Please, be gentle to yourself.