Something Called Heart

Fading values

I've been standing here, erect, for  200 years
Standing in the middle of an old street
Looking at every passing stranger with a brimming grin
Witnessing new happenings each day
My color slowly fading, copper to green
Fading with time
With time the boy who played pebbles underneath me
Now silently comes limping with his crutch
And, walks past me, not a look, not a stare
From his grandfather to his grandson, generations as u term
Nothing changed, their home, their garden, their tree, the street, the road, nothing
Only the heart transitioned, then until now, old to new
The young heart that once shone with innocent smile
Now doesn't know my existence, maybe care not
After all I'm just mere metal in this vast world of vibrant gems
I recall his granny's stories always quoting
"My son, in the end life is a chain of small embracing moments"
Haven't I made his childhood embracing, I wonder
With none to justify, I believe
I'm just another small statue with no right to heart...