You matter

Mental health.

For the past few years, the most happening and listened terms are MENTAL HEALTH. If one need to live peacefully and happily, not only should they focus on physical health but as equally on mental health. Mental health problems may lead to depression, psychological problems, anxiety and many more.

When we talk about DEPRESSION - which now a days most of the young people are dealing with - they don't share that they are suffering from it. Actually, they don't know that they are going through depression. These types of young people need moral support from their family and friends. And the most important thing is if you see someone who is struggling with depression, please don't ignore them because they need your help, they need your support.

My request to parents is DON'T compare your child with others. This is most a common mistake which parents make when comparing them in every aspect to others which lead to loose self-confidence that may lead to feeling more insecure.

So please let them be who they are and support them for who they want to be. Because if the loved ones, parents and friends doesn't support then who will?