Speak another language

hands sharing love

I think learning another language can make a big difference in our future. It brings a lot of opportunities if we want to apply to good school programs in another language. We are the future and what's better than being ready with the best supplies to make change.

Just imagine the many opportunities kids can have if they know more than one language. The difference they can make in society, how much better their future can be. What if it was more than one kid? What about a hundred?

I see the benefits of learning a language in my school. As young adults, most of us don't know more than fifty words in the second language we are learning, English. We are studying tourism in one of the most touristy places in Mexico. It is hard to go to another place and not understand or know how to express what you want to say, you are losing a lot for something really simple.

Learn the language that you want and make a difference, make a change.