Speaking to the universe

Speak to the universe, it listens
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I'm not one to believe in anything that concerns spirituality and the like. I heard someone, someone rather close to me, telling me this. Speak to the universe, and the universe listens. It didn't resonate with me quite well back then, it still seems quite off but then again, I think it's safe to say that I hope the universe listens when we speak to it, when we ask for help. Not that I've spent hours speaking to the universe but the entire concept of speaking to the universe feels divine and somewhat real. 

It's a beautiful concept, speaking to the universe, asking for help and help being given to you. If there's something I know it is that it's always important to lay hopes on something or someone, trust and believe in something. When the people around one are not worth the trust and belief I think it's important one learns to place trust and belief on something. Some people place beliefs in God. I've learnt to believe in the universe, its powers and the very existence of the cosmos.

"Speak to the universe, the universe listens."