Stars and Flashlights

stars in the night sky

There are some things in life that never grow old. Things like looking at the stars in the sky while lying on the grass. It's at these moments that the most random of thoughts enter your head. It's at these times you should find a pen and a paper and write down every single thought that passes through your head.

You look at the stars and think of how lucky you are. How lucky you are to see the stars when so many others who are younger than you haven't seen half the stars that you have and will never get the chance to. Everyday we lose another star, another burning beauty that gave light to our night sky for centuries disappears never to be seen again. Gases of pollution wiping out the stars one by one dimming them until we are left with a starless sky. There will come a day when a mother will tell her child about a star calling it a blinking flashlight in the sky. There will come a time the ocean will be described as a lot of water in one place. Our beautiful world will slowly but surely be destroyed. Everything we love and cherish about it will be gone and we will be left with nothing but a dead shell of our earth.

Me being another cynical human who walks and breathes upon this earth will be thanking my lucky stars that this destruction will most probably not happen in my lifetime. While doing nothing to prevent it we wait for the inevitable to happen hoping that we will not be upon this earth when it does. We do not take a shred of responsibility nor possess a strand of guilt on the way we ruin our predecessors lifestyle.

So I look up at the sky thanking them for giving me the chance to witness their beauty whilst being momentarily crushed with guilt for the part that we as a generation has played in the decline of this beautiful world while the swarms of mosquitoes drive me back inside.

Sri Lanka