Stop Bullying!

Happy to help

Hello, my friends! This is my message to you and our parents! I'd like to give some advice on the problem of bullying and I want to tell what bullying is and how to struggle with it. Bullying is an aggressive relation of children against other children, the stronger ones hurt the weaker ones. Bullying can be physical and psychological, but most often psychological. Psychological bullying is calling bad and upset words, spreading rumors and gossip, boycotting. 

Fortunately I have never faced such problems. But I can see how it happens even in my school. And what is worse, I understand that I cannot help directly. What can I do, if I see one of the students, sitting alone and being upset under the pressure of dominating toxic “friends”? Well, it’s important to say what I did. So you can do it as well. The easiest way to help--is to tell your teachers about it. I tried not to blame anybody and not to offense. But my aim was to stop the bully. And I can say with pride that it worked! Not at once of course, not immediately, but finally it worked. And the method was delicate but strict. The bully broke his attempts. It was a happy ending of this story. But  you know, it doesn’t always happen.

Any child can become the aim of bullies, so it is important that parents monitor their children and don't ignore the bullying of their own and other children. Bullying can have the most unpleasant results, students can be depressed, get mental disorders and sometimes it ends up much worse. If you have become the aim of bullies, then please, communicate with your parents or teachers about it. Parents, look after your children, do everything for them to make them happy!