Stop the Destruction!

Quaking Aspen

Us people are ruining our lives 

We are making the earth so hot 

It's basically starting to rot

If we don't change our attitude 

People will blame everyone  

But they know they are ashamed 

Ashamed from their actions that made this happen

The ozone layer is slowly breaking due to our fires 

That we created with some laughter 

Thinking it won’t hurt.

Eventually, if we don't stop we will look back 

Look back at what we have done 

What do you think the trees would say? 

They would say stop, please 

Stop these actions

Or else you won’t be able to breathe

Without us you're nothing

And all you’ll have would be screams,

Screams from kids

Trying to breathe

Shouting help help 

No one will help 

We would be helpless 

We are all in this together, let’s stop it 

Let’s stop it and change it

Change it to even more trees

Together we can do this

Come on and shout with me