The Stories of Pain are The Stories of Strenght

The stories of pain,insecurities hard times and all the chaos are not the stories of weakness they are the stories of strenght,which tells how strong you are for being through so much and never giving up.

If any time you feel anything which is hurting you from inside and leaving you locked inside the walls of despair, it needs  to be poured out and talked about. Mental health is important and it needs to be acknowledged by everyone.


    We young people have always been busy with sticking to the unhealthy definition of life ,which states that getting good marks, sticking to the expectations of others, being insecure, getting successful in life and making money and so on. And sticking to this sour definition of life  ,we are not living it we are just passing it with despair. And being surrounded by these walls of despair it is totally okay, it is okay not be okay, it’s okay to feel down, it’s okay to sit in the dark and its okay to cry.

   We all are suffering from one or the other problem. The problems are different for each one of us but we all share a common element and that is PAIN .Pain whether it is physical or mental whether it is big or small ,pain is still pain. And this pain always tears us apart and we find ourselves in unending darkness. And this darkness goes darker and darker when we hide this suffering in our hearts thinking no one can understand it .But this darkness can show us light if we start to acknowledge the cause causing it.

    The things you have been going  through ,needs to be acknowledged ,the pain needs to be acknowledge. By accepting your sufferings and acknowledging it ,doesn’t mean it will show how messed up your life is ,it will rather show how strong you are made to deal with that messy life. The stories pain are not the stories of your weakness these are the stories of your strength ,your courage for being through so much and still not giving up.” Mental health is a problem ,it is a story of pain which needs to be narrated by each one of you who are living that story, believing that those stories define your strength, your power and it defines you, the strong you and not your weakness.”