Storm and Fire

Picture of the lake beside the Temple of the Tooth Relic, Kandy, Sri lanka

I see the fires raging,

the fumes blanketing the skies.

I hear a continent screaming,

as its perishing ecosystem sighs.

The powerless koalas are burning,

unable to outrun the flames.

The does and joeys are embracing

over a charred buck's remains.


The mighty glaciers are melting,

tumbling down to the seas,

and the little islands are drowning,

as we go up a few degrees.

The helpless turtles are emerging

with plastic in their throats,

and the lively dolphins are choking,

no longer chasing the steamboats.

The coral reefs are vanishing,

and with them, our oxygen supplies.

And the earth's balance is tipping,

with brutal winters, hotter Julys.


I see the dead barks adorning 

the one place we call home.

I hear the dying earth whispering

that we too shall perish, but never alone.

Sri Lanka