The story

Isolation and quick check up

This story started when everything was shut down,
Even people's heart, life and brain.
Everyone was running after food, water and oxygen.
And the suddenly everything went back to normal,
The party was on, the travellers couldn't resist anymore.
Wanderlust they say but stupidity seems now.
It only got better and stronger.
Covid-19 is back and carries much more than we expected. 

The story which seemed to be closed has got new pages to it.
The sequel has just began with more plots and twists,
Which is written by none other than "us".
But aren't we the writers? 
So we could stop this too.
The world is requesting you stop writing,
Stop bringing new pages to it
Or your pages will start decreasing.

Now you know it's not just some other disease,
And now you know how important it is to slow down your speed.
Your family is crying for help,
So stop denying to what wrong you have done,
Cause the story is yet to end.
The story has just begun.