The story of how COVID-19 changed my mindset

A drawing of people wearing masks

When news about the Coronavirus started spreading on social media, to be honest I never took it seriously, I read two articles on Facebook, and compared the rare disease to Ebola, thinking it would only stay in Asia and maybe Europe. Not being aware of the difference and danger of this mindset.

A month passed and I never heard any more news about the Coronavirus. My friend and I were excited for summer since we were planning to visit Italy, to emerse ourselves in the county’s culture having an Italian family as a host and Italian classes every day. We were naive to think that was possible. When I tried to sign up for the trip all the sections were booked. I talked to my principal and she assured me there was not a problem and that she would call and let them know I was interested. My actions were ignorant, since it never crossed through my mind that the Coronavirus was the cause of this rare problem.

About two days later I got an email informing me that all the trips were canceled, at first I got sad, but in a hard way I realized, it’s important to be informed about problems that happen around the world, to start being more aware of everything and to stop living in my own bubble.

Now that the whole world is under quarantine I understand, a lot of things happen in the world and for being invested in meaningless problems we lose sight of the essential ones. It is crazy how my life needed to change drastically for me to value and make a difference in the selfish way I saw the world.  As a young female, it is in my responsibility to try to make a change in our world and how would I assure it without a reliable and vast source of information.