A Story of Kindness

Illustration of a person pushing a wheelchair

You don't always need to engage with a community or club to help people. You can do it in other ways. Let me share a story.

Ever since I got admitted to school, I never found my fellow classmates unsupportive. They were always there to support me unconditionally. No one ever bullied me. No one ever asked me embarrassing questions. They always extended their hands to help me – both literally and metaphorically. Without a question or hesitation, they accepted me as a part of them, so naturally.

In college, I again found myself surrounded by warm and kind classmates. They stand up for me whenever I need them. They try to include me in every way, in their own way. They befriended me spontaneously. When I climb the stairs, they come with me. Some of them hold my hand, and some of them prefer carrying my bag. I don't think they do it out of pity. I feel that they do it out of kindness, maybe care. I don't always need help. But it is a gesture of kindness and helpfulness. And I will always remember them as precious people in my life.

I always think, there's no need for an anti-bullying campaign or a ‘how to treat your disabled classmate’ guideline as long as I have these people. They already know it the best. Most of them probably never met a person with disabilities other than me. Maybe in their personal life, they are flawed. But to me, they are the examples of kindness.

Today, I am sharing this story with the world to say that I am eternally grateful towards them, and they made me who I am today. They taught me that disability is nothing to be ashamed about, it is not a stigma. It’s a part of me and my life. They taught me that disability is not a barrier, rather at times it's my power.

Person with disabilities and others around them