A student mind

Its an page with all the rough work which is exactly like a student's brain.

I just had an exam and I chose to sit back in my study room to write this down.

I am worried whether I am going to make it into a good college or not. I have no choice; all I can do is to give my best. However, it is so weird that no one knows what his or her best is! After every exam, we all feel that we could have done better. However, by the time we realize that it is too late! 

However, it is also start to a new chapter of life.

India has the best teachers but those who manage them are worst. There is no value given to extra-curricular activities. No matter how good a sports player you are, you will still be judged on some number printed under your name, awarded to you on a piece of paper, no matter how good or bad. 

In India, the admission intake of students happens through a written examination known as the entrance exam; but in reality, it is a rejection exam. There are colleges and universities which take student on the basis of their GPA which is a total injustice to students who belong to different streams and who cannot change their subjects according to their comfort.  Many get rejected because of a lack of seats due to reservations which have been allotted to people who have not even scored a cut off mask but because they have reservation seat. Moreover, the worst part is that after getting in, if they do not fit in the college, they leave the college and waste that place. For us who didn't make it with a 0.5 difference, it hurts!

It is not their mistake - they do not get good quality education at a government school and not everyone can afford a private school education. Education is a business in India. At school level, students do not get a proper education. Moreover, many who can afford a private college and end up with bad grades turn to private colleges and universities. Simply, because society treats them like failures, many end up going into depression.  ​

Everyone should  be treated equally. However, there is still a problem. BIG QUESTION - How to treat everyone equally? How to work with a mutual agreement?  If the government will remove quota and reservation for low caste people how will they get uplifted?

A simple and practical solution is to give basic education to everyone and let them fight for their college placement with no reservation and with a transparent process and to give equal value to the extra-curricular activities.