A student mind 2

follow up with my last blog.


Since my last blog on this topic, a lot has changed. After 34 years the Education Ministry has gone to pains to have a better system to educate kids. But this change will be applied from 2021 and it will take some time for student to get familiar with this new pattern. Talking about teachers, they'll have to find different ways to explain their subject to different  states of mind. This is going to lot of fun!

However, for students like me there is not a big change because we have completed our schooling and are applying for college and due to this pandemic, our exams are continuously getting postponed. Sadly, we have no choice but to sit back home and wait for this big news. There are loads of thoughts going through my mind. The most important and weird though is whether I am going to make it to a good college/university.

Voice of Youth has given me an opportunity to express my thoughts to the whole world. As students, we go through a lot of thing, lots of emotions, lots of stress and mainly sudden changes in our emotions. As a teenager, I understand how useless we can be, but sometimes it is good to be free of any fear and tension. I am going to be 19 in the next two months which will be last of my teens and all I can wish for is to gain some maturity but never to lose my power of thinking as a child. Sometime it helps a lot when we are to stress to take a step in life.

Life will be too hard once you step out of school, so enjoy your state of presence rather than worrying about your future.  In this pandemic, I have learned how important it is to use our every second, even if you are doing the most useless job, do it, enjoy it  and make sure you finish it.