The Success Mindset in 8 Parts

color of my life

I was asking myself, "Why am I so uncomfortable?"

And basically, what I had to do to get up here today, is reframe my way of thinking.

Alright, now let's talk about the success mindset.

So, the reason I want to bring this up as the first topic of the season is that it's so important to know the foundation and to have that foundation ingrained in you, that mindset to succeed. I want to break it down and show parts of where this mindset can come from. It's  not all, because I still have so much more to learn in life. But definitely, there is something that sets successful people apart from people who just settle. I just think that on the way to building your dream life, you know, you're on that path to creating that career and that lifestyle, the relationships that you want. There are so many obstacles that come in between that, and there are so many spots where people can get stuck and where people may stay stuck. You know, it might be your fears or your self-limiting beliefs or some sort of societal peer pressure that gets you down.

Whatever it is, there are people who try but get stuck in a certain area and there are people who push through. So, I think the success mindset is me breaking down those parts of that mindset which help people push through all of those obstacles that come in the way when you're trying to build that your dream life. I think everyone can agree that when you look at the most successful people in the world, the great, they're not necessarily the most talented or the most intelligent or even the ones who were born with the most resources at hand. A lot of people started out with nothing and they made it all the way to the top and other people who are blessed to start with more than those but maybe they might've gotten stuck. I'm saying that there's no one defining factor on successful people. There's no one baby that's born and you're like, "This baby is a successful baby". It's not really genetic like that. It really is in the mindset and the character that you develop in your life that keeps you going to get there. I think so much of it is stamina, to stay in the game, to believe in yourself when nobody else does, just see your dreams through to the end.

So, I'm going to break it down into eight parts. The success mindset into eight parts. Here's the overview of the eight parts of the success mindset that I'd love if you all could just ingrain in your brain and in your character. And it's something that we should all work on, day by day. But, if you could work on this and strengthen all of these eight parts, then definitely you'll have a stronger mindset for success. And trust me, it will make all the difference.

1. An unwavering belief in yourself.

2. Commitment: commitment to whatever goal or task at hand.

3. Patience: because all things take time, and you have to develop strong patience.

4. Perseverance: you have to have the stamina to not give up no matter what.

5. Consistent action: always valuing action over everything, taking consistent action.

6. Continuous improvement: constantly steering and tinkering, getting feedback, and learning.

7. Self-forgiveness: learning to forgive yourself as fast as possible.

8. Gratitude, always, always always have that mindset of gratitude with you.

Honestly, all of these components are easier said than done. But, are you really implementing all of these in your life?