Sunsets on benches

aesthetic unset being viewed alone from a bench

Not all five fingers on your hand are the same, likewise each person is a different combination of nucleotides, each person is a different pattern of DNA. From the commonest of things like the way you breathe to the way one loves, each person is unique and beautiful in their very own manner.

A perfect sunset on a bench? each person would see this differently no 2 people will ever dream the same sunset.  It's the same question but each person has a different aspect of perfection. Some would say the perfect sunset would be the sunset you enjoy with your friends. Your most trusted accomplices and peers. A sunset filled with laughter, jokes and light hearted banter. Others would say the perfect sunset is the sunset you spend with your family. Filled with love, fellowship, trust and good will. Most people would think the perfect sunset is when you are with that special person next to you. That person whose presence eclipses everything else. That person who makes the  sunset perfect just by being there.

All those sunsets are perfect but a rare and select  few would find the perfect sunset to be the sunset when one is alone at a beach with no one else in sight. The only living beings around you being the trees and birds. Watching as the wind rustles the leaves that have fallen on the ground. Feeling the wind blow across your face. While listening to your sister's playlist and writing an article on your Samsung notes. The sort of pensive evenings that carve your life in a different path.

These are the evenings that you live for. The moments that you cherish. That well deserved satisfactory rest you earn after weeks of woes and hard work. Cherishing these perfect moments makes them last forever. Engrave them in your mind because know this, perfect sunsets only last as long as the sun sets. The sun may set everyday but not everyday will be perfect. It is only those very rare few that you experience in a way that you will never forget.  These are the moments that become memories, and the memories that become your life.

Sri Lanka