Support The Youth & The Children

Children's classes

“Something like this hasn’t happened since 1945!”... These were the last words my history teacher told me and the whole class before school was officially closed. 

Now weeks have passed and I have heard nothing from her or anyone else. Is everything alright? Is someone sick? Did something happen? So many questions are going through my head and most of them are unpredictable thoughts. I do not only mean that I worry about the people I know and care about. I basically meant every human being – because we are one unity and everyone should respect and support another!
But how can we be united in these difficult times?

While sitting and waiting for the signal to be free and do our usual routines again we should start to embrace each other (not meant literally!!) and do a nice but also helpful act by joining and tutoring classes. And we can do that by using the greatest development in history: technology a.k.a. the internet!

With classes I don’t mean subjects like science, maths or anything related school – but something we can also learn, be creative and have fun in the meantime.

You don’t need to have an education to be a teacher because every one of us is capable of teaching others which we do basically every day without realizing it.

Especially adolescents and adults with a pure heart who know how to interact with children and teenagers have surely enough knowledge to begin with children’s or youth classes.

If you have neighbours or friends, who maybe have kids or children more grown up, just call and tell them about the class you would like to organize with their children and ask if they would like to join – maybe the parents will even offer their help. It takes a lot of courage but in the end it’s worth it.

Every child needs social contact and entertainment which are impossible during quarantine. Moreover, children are more vulnerable to mental health problems, exploitation and domestic violence, that’s why it’s our turn to be an inspiration and aid for these children.

However, what do you do in youth or children’s classes?

It’s not complicated at all, you just have to be creative and be in your element – so just start to feel like a child again! With video calls you can tell them stories about topics like kindness, heroism or virtues (if you don’t know any – you can search them on the internet), do sketches, sing and even play together, which might be difficult at first. It’s even funnier if you’re assisted by a friend.

And when quarantine is over and you still have time, you can meet as a group and do all the things together right on the spot. 

With your support you do not only help children thrive, in fact you also evolve yourself and you are a role model for anyone that hears your story!

I have faith in you - Good luck!!