Take a Bow


Pixels shining, such salvation — a doom

Wide-eyed people: a future of dreams

Giants making greens

Capital C, every season on bloom


Three-eyed phone; a positive feat

Hashtag burning trees

Cancel them through tweets

Renegade, dancing queen


Another day, another dawn

Another slowly poisoned land

Time has come, everything’s gone;

now we try to plant seeds in the sand


Grinning faces,

Somewhere in high places

Clinking bottles, flashing lights

Drowning cries, drowning cries


One day the air will be poison, 

just like how we poisoned the air

A girl pleading on screen

Some old man asking her to chill


A decade-old warning

You don’t see what’s important until it’s gone

A climate continuously changing, a world that is warming;

Soon to be a wasteland


Move, plant more trees

More voices, more screams

Save the world, even with little things

Even with thicker smoke and a thinner atmosphere


Your money cannot buy the damage back

So now, take a bow

Everything green is now black