Take four little breaks

Little Breaks can be costly and time is not refundable!

I would love to make a ‘Procrastination’ rant, you know; talk about how much I have grown lazy over the past few weeks, maybe months! Complain, and regret about the loss I have made in terms of losing friends, opportunities and probably slowing down in my general life progress. But, maybe we can do that later =) 

(That being a poor pun, shall we continue?)

What is interesting about my procrastination encounters lately is how the little breaks I have been taking keep growing into lazy afternoons and days. If I were to make a study on how much the small ‘rest time’ decisions we make have lead us to postponing and cancelling plans, I’d come up with great positive results.

Well, everyone loves a little break which can be quite costly sometimes. With ‘resting’ being considered a healthy and essential element for our human bodies, it gets easier for us to succumb into the pleasure of postponing things at the taste of a little break. 

So our little breaks should be well crafted in a way that makes us feel rejuvenated right after, and not take up our working time as well. Here is my ‘four takes’ on making sure that little breaks that we take are not agents of procrastination.


1. Planning well not only for our main agenda, i.e. projects, study, and work, but also for the breaks that we make for ourselves. Allocating the right time for the activity you do during your break could save you a lot of trouble and time. 

2. Maintaining focus on our main agenda for the day. If you are focused in your main agenda, a little break would be enough for you to re-energize yourself. The weaker the focus you have, the easier it becomes for you to get distracted from your work schedule.

3. Don't overwork yourself, and if you do, make sure that the break you give yourself is enough to bring your strength back. Otherwise, you could end up using up more time on your break and hence make your progress slower.

4. Self-control should be your amour. Control yourself into making better decisions during your break and making considerations for your study, work or projects. Better decisions are like reducing the time you use scrolling on your phone during breaks and maybe taking a nap that would make you less tired.


Having said that, take care of your little breaks, and groom them to be elements of making progress rather than slowing things down!