Take Me Back

Hands clasped together

I've gone off to far
And I've taken too many wrong turns
Ajibola, I don't know who you are
And now, I don't know if I can return

I want to go back
To the days of old
I want to retract my tracks
And listen to what I'd been told

Because if I had
This would not be the case
If I'd have cared a tad
I wouldn't be lost in this faraway place

I thought I knew more
So I made my own choices
But just if I'd come forth
And leant an ear to your voices

So please take me back
And ground me
I now know what I lack
So please help set me free

Forget my past
And the things I regret
Forget the so many wrongdoings I've amassed
And do not allow me to regress

So you alone I plead
Take the lead
Please tell me the warnings that I should heed
Give me what I so desperately need