Take them Out

Take them Out !

The social fabric of a society blossoms more when we tie the knots of friendships, tenderness, and awareness tight, care for those in our close eyesight,  fighting emotional battles. We all know someone, or know someone who knows someone, facing the dilemma of depressions, fighting the lone battles, emitting the depression vibes. We can feel it or, rather see it in their social media sharing. 

We are occupied in lives and think what we go through is final we do not see carefully what our social circle is sharing.   KEEP A CLOSE LOOK, are they sharing some posts, statuses which have sad reactions,? Are they captioning \me| or the same when they share a dull image? Are their pictures on media profiles suddenly taken down? Or even a funny meme which has a double meaning of loneliness sadness being cheated or broken.  Are they depicting a lack of interest in anything spoken to them? , if so, ring alarms!

Sometimes, mere phone call., a simple text might help them to evade the horrible episode. Rather than being so self-centered we should first reach out to those who are around us, see if they are going through some tough times but, the question is how.  

Here are some of the tips that can help to take your loved ones dragged out of the worrisome slopes of depressions.



Serving a person in a problem is the biggest of the virtue. From your busiest schedule, take time out, and listen! We are all stiff and occupied in the tremendous inflow of work but, never too busy to just spare a moment a listen to them. If you do not want to regret later that you should have listened, before you lose someone you love, just take time out to let them vent, take out the grudges and see what they have. MAJORITY OF THE TIMES, you will find the solution within their own words. Or maybe, they just want to have someone listen to them to feel lighter. Be sweetly honest but avoid euphemism.  


Never taunt later  

It’s better not to help rather helping and later bragging about it. People have fragile egos, and nothing hurts them more when you listen to them when they have a vulnerable soft side out, later slam them individually, behind their back, or even for mere merrymaking. Once you do this, you bag their ultimate distrust and you as a person lose your standing. Never even talk about the topic again, maybe they have gotten over and you are embracing them, again. Dragging them to pain.  


Extend invitations 

Physical support is far better. Extend invitations, go meet them take them out, change their location. Go for coffee to play a game together. Psychologists believe that sometimes sticking to a typical environment, ambiance, or even foreground, hampers the freshness of thoughts. Your few hours can help someone get a relief.  


What is shared with you must die with you 

Have common friends? Know their family? Never try to do gossip about what someone has shared with you in depression. We all have someone who will ‘never tell anyone’ and they have someone who will ‘never tell anyone’. Unless you do it for better support or helping them out with someone you trust, sharing it with someone will make them lose another contact whom they could share someone. And especially an introvert will have added degrees of introversion to the personality.  


Discourage temporary pleasure  

Unfortunately, sometimes depression of negativity makes someone stoops so low that they go for drugs, and other temporary pleasures and formulate societal ills. This is the most critical condition. On a personal level take them out, give them examples of who got out of it, try and make them addicted to a positive hobby. Playing a musical instrument, going to the gym, do exercise, develop a love for travel, or anything but sitting idle and harvesting evil is already bomb shelled mind..


Take yourself out first  

Last but not the least, take your self our first! Do not let the negativity drain your positive batter sells, and exhaust you out before you even help. Remember the warning in the airplane flight, first, wear oxygen mask yourself before giving it to others. Be helping, be present but do not let yourself drowned in the well trying to rescue the fallen out.

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