Taking A First Step Towards Big, Big Dreams


I dreamt a dream of pure excitement,

I have no knowledge on where it took me, I didn’t think twice to how and why it happened, but the idea of it popped up like flowers were blooming on top of my head, and so my heart followed it as well.

And then right before my eyes, I was so, so desperate.

Is it just me, or do you have or had that one specific wish that if it happened, you felt like you’ve won in life. I mean, it doesn’t matter if it is meeting someone special, or achieving something extravagant. As long as it’s something you’ve been hoping for ages, because that’s when you know it’s serious. 

What I’m actually trying to say, is that it’s actually amazing to have something in mind at all times, something that keeps you going. Because I noticed that when your heart is set on something, everything starts moving. You’re progressing without even realising. You may pick up the tiniest things although you’re short of a bunch. What’s important is that you’re doing something and you feel good about it. I may or may not believe in manifestation, but i truly believe that with a sense of hope the things you think impossible 5 years ago could end up a reality someday. And that’s why when we dream, dream big. 

Remember, there are children, teens and adults who are only thriving with a sheet of paper and pencil. Despite that, they slowly make up to their hopes and yes! some even fulfill their dreams. 

Like how I see myself far off in the future, I see you too(;

Here are some ways to progress your journey when you don’t know where to start!

1. Observe

Look at everything around us, understand how certain things work and are done. Search. find more possibilities especially on the internet and build up the work from there. Besides that, look up to someone inspiring and see them as a guide to pursue your dreams.
Helping others
2. Pave the way for more kindness

Ever be extra nice to your teachers just for a good report card? Same concept. Not only it develops your character, but it’s also traits of highly successful people. Everyone loves somebody who is genuine, and success does come from the admiration of people.
3. Get It Done

Complete unfinished assignments, chores and duties. Starting what we already have trains you to be disciplined and keeps consistency in what we’re working on.
4. Partake in communities!

Having acquaintances of the same interest is fun yet impactful towards one another. Sometimes dreams often fade, but with the amount of support and opportunities you can gain from people across the globe, we’re always encouraged to achieve something alike.