Talents wanted

Love chakra

It amazes me how talented people are. I watched a video today of a girl who painted a picture with paint and sea waves. Yes, that's right, sea waves. She simply applied paint to a piece of paper and then gently dipped it in the sea. With the help of the waves, the colors spread out on the sheet of paper, creating a background for the drawing. Then the artist began to paint the picture. I wish I could show you, but it turned out beautiful, unusual and very original. In fact, all brilliant is simple.

I don't have this talent, but I can also do what I'm good at, which is writing. It gives me pleasure and makes me happy. Due to illness, I can't always write, I don't always have the desire and the mood for revelation. Rare moments of happiness are priceless to me. I immediately open my notes on my iPhone and write what my soul whispers.

Like any painter, I carefully write the words on a blank sheet of paper. A kind of art that helps me live and hold on.

I wish each person to find his destiny, or to discover his talent.

When you live in unison with your soul, you will know true happiness.

I won't say goodbye for long,