A vibrant human brain
A poem about teenagers' mental health



In the sea

As the thunder cracks and fast gales blow

the waves howl as high as a tower

The sky turns black as a ghost

A thunderstorm so dreadful that 

Sailors and crewman beg for mercy


The terrific thunderstorm warns no one, spares no one

But rattles every single living soul around 

Even though ages have passed since

The dreadful tale of that thunderstorm passes on


On the port

As the palm leaves sway gently

A girl sits with pristine calm 

With a slight smile on her lips and gleam in her eyes

With folded hands on her lap

She contemplates about the mysteries and complexities of life 

Intense melancholic thoughts howl inside her, haunt her

Her mind turns stark black, a mess of interlinked memories


Nobody knows the turmoil within her as she makes life-altering decisions

Nobody knows the inner Tempest within her 

-Madhvi Sharma

Author's note- 'Tempest’ sheds light on the mental health of teenagers. This poem contrasts an outer tempest with an inner one. While most people observe, recognize and accord significance to an outer thunderstorm, not much people do the same for an inner tempest within the mind. Mental health is important.