A thank you letter to love.

Kamogelo in a mask and a hat looking directly at the camera.

I'm a big fan of love. Mostly because I've been shown that without it, I am nothing, and with it, I am whole.

You are love — made by love and sustained by love. It's the voice that tells you to keep going, the voice that keeps you sane, calm and kind. May it surround you, may it follow and carry you all the days of your life. From ourselves and the ones around us. There is no good life without it. 

2021 has shown me how important it is to be filled and surrounded by it. The world is cold and cruel, but where there was love is where I felt most protected and at peace. And in this world of complete uncertainty, it was the one thing I could say I had regardless of how much life took from me. 

Thank you to those who have loved me abundantly, (physically) with me or not. I wouldn't be here without all that you are and all that you give, and I mean that. My passions, my outlets, the things I could speak about for hours, that's love too. And just as I said, I wouldn't be here without them. 

I hope we can all be an embodiment of love. I hope we can all carry it highly on our shoulders. May it shine through our eyes, smiles and acts. Seek spaces full of it and watch how you will transform. How your wings will appear and how you will radiate beyond measure. Make beautiful friends, tell your family you love them and show up for yourself. This how you gracefully exist. 

Saying goodbye to 2021 has made me quite emotional. What a year it's been for all of us. I'm happy you're all here reading this. May love surround you. May you embody love. All the days of your life. 

True, this isn't paradise, but each day, something that loves us tries to save us.
South Africa