That's my family

My grandmas family came here from many places that were very difficult. My favorite pictures of our family are when they are smiling outside in a place like this.

I love my family. I got to see some of my relatives today from my mom and it was very lovely. 

They are people so they're not all just good or bad. 

But they are kind. 

They are selfless. 

They take care of each other. 


My family couldn't always afford to go to school or have their own clothes or nice houses or sometimes any house to live in. Or shower frequently or have good medicine or buy makeup. Or have nice paper to write on or envelopes to send. Or much to eat sometimes. 

They may talk different, you would too if you grew up there. 

They have mental disabilities and physical disabilities. 

They are underweight and overweight. 

Some of them can still speak German, and vague Polish, we think, and irritated phrases in Hebrew. 


That's my god dang family. 


They are sassy and funny and gentle. They are creative and emotionally aware. They can make amazing food out of very little resources and amazing children like my mom out of very difficult situations.

They don't get to have the same things other wealthier or healthier people may have. 

They have suffered and dealt awful blows in life for no reasons. They have worked hard and kept going in amazing pain. Things were taken from them that shouldn't be taken from anyone. 

They didn't get to be a family sometimes. 


That's my family. 

And they are really beautiful. 

They are really gentle and they're mine. 


So just how dare anyone make fun of them?

How dare you?

For any reason

How actually dare you?


For anyone who looks at a person who's poorer, disabled, under-privileged, talks different, looks different worships different, and automatically sees them as less than. 

You don't know my family. 

That is my god dang family and I will defend them.


Also hearing their stories of my moms family made me feel two main emotions-very happy and very sad. 

I was sad to hear all the things my mom had to go without growing up that I always took for granted. Then very proud to see her as the strong woman she became. 

But hearing them laugh and talk about her and all her siblings and cousins playing in the farms, in the lakes, on the roads, for some of them 60 years later. 

It made me so happy. 

Because they had each other. They were together. My grandparents, despite all their struggles, made it so my mom and the kids could have fun memories. They all had some really good memories somehow. 


It is a very cruel thing to take someones family or feeling of their family. 

Fire's done that, war's done that, abuse has done that, discrimination has done that, money. 

And it still gets me, all the time for my family and theirs how infuriating and sad that is. 

So how actually dare anyone, mock people like my family in any way, and think of them for a second that they don't belong to anyone. 

Because my mom would sometimes say how they felt they came from nothing or didn't belong anywhere. (They're a mix of many cultures so there's that, and poverty can do that)


I am begging whoever is reading this, if you didn't already, to believe...

No one is nothing. Especially not because of something so meaningless as not having money or having a body that's not like many other's around. 

They are some god dang amazing and beautiful people on this Earth. They are my family. 

No one should ever be made to feel like they're nothing. 


Oh also another thing. 

I know that I can't talk about exactly what I want to in this medium and I'll never get a lot of answers. 

But I'm alive. I'm my grandmothers granddaughter and here I am. 

We are not unworthy or dumb or weak and it is a god dang blessing to this world that my grandma was able to have kids and my mom was able to have kids. And the illness was horrible. How dare you potentially do that to them. 

I would just like to say to anyone who experiments on a group of people in any type a way, and I think there are a lot of ways:

No matter what you think or what you find out from doing it, no one has ever and will ever exist to be used like that. No one deserves that. 

They were not cattle. 

They were and are my god dang family. 


And it is a blessing they are alive. 

United States of America