There Are Opportunities In Difficulties. Can You See ?

"Crisis does not create character. It reveals it."

Challenges can only reveal who we truly are as we are a unique set of individuals globally, across the entire world, but the question is - are you being defined by them?

During these unprecedented times of the coronavirus which have had a tremendous negative impact on the economies of the world, we have all found ourselves at some point in ourselves where we have felt like we are at the breaking point of our lives, and it is at those moments where we have to realise either we will be defined by what we were facing or how we were feeling at those peculiar point in our lives. 

Yes, it is without question, that the coronavirus as a global pandemic has caused a tremendous negative effect on our lives, with many losing their jobs, businesses closing, and the effectiveness of the existing job markets are shrinking but with a slight improvement currently in the year 2021. 

However, on the contrary, there were hundreds of other people who have seen many more opportunities in this global pandemic - rather than shrinking down and closing down their unqiue businesses. And, therefore it becomes quite critical for us as young people across the world to believe in our unique set of skills, creativity and strength to tap into our inner potential to produce what we truly know is our best. 

And, in closing,  a parting question that we need to ask ourselves is - are we seeing that business opportunity rising up, and it just needs for you to act on it, or will you be part of the status quo and allow opportunities to pass you by? 

South Africa