There is a misconception that mathematics is not a subject for girl. I would like to change that

Dakiba Belinda

I am Dakiba Belinda, and I am a JHS 2 Science student of the Oti Senior High Technical school, in Ghana, and I want to change the misconception that Science and Mathematics are not subjects for girls.  

I was admitted into Oti Senior High school as a science student, but my father wasn’t happy with that. He claimed mathematics is not a subject for girls and because science was more about calculations, I wouldn't do well in that field.  

I was very sad when I heard this, so as soon as I got to the school, I went into a science classroom and I was shocked to see only one girl in the class. Rather than being discouraged, I was motivated, because there was an excellent student in the class alone with boys, but excelling in the science field. 

She was happy to have me join her and encouraged me to pursue the course, regardless of my father’s belief. I made my decision at that point to pursue science. 

I joined her and together we are not only achieving our dreams, but we are proving to society that a girl is capable of being a Scientist, a Mathematician, a Doctor or an Engineer if she wants to.