This thing called "community"

Artistic image of two hands held together

It is without debate that all that we are and yet to become is largely due to our community’s loving hand over our lives. “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,” is a famous African quote meaning, “I am because we are.” As one is for all and all are for one, community is the glue that keeps us hand-in-hand all throughout life.

Before delving any deeper into the notion of community, let us first define community. From my vantage point, community is a force of love that binds all of humanity together. Community are the trees, the mountains, and the stars when they smile at you. Community are your parents, friends, and everyone when they imbue your life with love, laughter, and all that is good. However, most importantly, community IS YOU when you show love to your brothers and sisters despite their race, nationality, gender, or any other personal trait. Examples of communities, you ask? Your home, neighborhood, country, and the world are all perfect examples of different communities. Bear in mind that the list goes on. (A challenge: name any other example of a community in the comments section down below)

Having had grown up in Zimbabwe, I have felt the love of my community all throughout my life: from “nhimbe” (a traditional practice of collective communal farming) to donating, and receiving, clothes on Christmas, and sharing stories around the evening fire with “gogo” (grandmother). Community touches all of us.  With or without realization, we ALL bring value to community. Today as you experience community once more, my advice to you is to embrace change for the better in your community. Smile to community, because it’s smiling at you right now.