THINK before you talk

Change your words to change your life

"The words you say make bruises that never fade away."

I read this quote in internet and I totally agreed with the author. Words. Words are the reason I prefer to stay away from people as much as possible. Words are the reason why my relationship with others is being worse in some places, sometimes even with my family. Words are the reason I can't connect with my classmates, because the things they talk about seem depthless and soulless to me. Sometimes I want to hide somewhere in deep silence because I just can't tolerate words. Sometimes I am afraid to start a conversation with my family members because at any moment it can turn into an argument, and end up in a fight. As an introvert, I can't stand small talks. Sometimes I suffer so much because of sound pollution. Sometimes I just want a world of silence and cut off. 

Staying away from people and keeping quite may be a solution to this, but this isn't a permanent solution. Sometimes it can make things worse. 

I just read five beautiful tips in LOG OFF, it was meant for social media but the tips are equally effective in real life talking too. 


I have realized that the problems I mentioned above can be easily solved by follwing this. Not only that. It can prevent bullying and cyber-bullying . It can help you to promote healthy conversations instead of soulless talks, hurting words or talking behind someone's back. If someone complains that you are hurting the one by your words, knowingly or unknowingly, then THINK before talking. 

I have found another tips in a video of UNICEF. When we become angry, upset or simply can't agree with other’s thought, we usually say something negative or harsh. But the video said, "Ask yourself : Is there a better way to approach this? Is this the best answer you can give?" That is another great suggestion. If you just change your words, the whole thing will change. 

While writing, sometimes I see how only a few words can change the tone of the whole article. That is why I try my best to keep a positive tone.

Let's make the world a peaceful place.