Think before you type


Words can make or break your day. I didn't realize this until it affected the world of the people around me. Words can turn people's lives around - whether for better or for worse

A simple encouragement or a thank you can make anyone's day a lot better. Whether they were having a bad day at work or just didn't feel up to it, these simple words of encouragement seemed to ever so slightly turn someone's day for the better. I noticed that whenever my mom looked a little forlorn, simply telling her that the food she made that day was good or that she looked beautiful would make her so happy. Words have the power to move people and encourage them. 

However, in the same way, the words that can make someone feel better can turn someone's life into misery. It's so easy to inflict negative comments, but it takes a lifetime for the effects of those words to go away. It only takes a second to spew terrible words but it gives someone a lifetime of insecurities.

I remember a friend who had slightly bigger front teeth, who was still extremely pretty. But every time we posed for a picture, she would never smile with her teeth wide open. I asked her about it and she told me that a stranger had told her she had huge front teeth and should be ashamed of it. That was 10 years ago. But it had affected her to such an extent she still carried that insecurity for 10 years.

It's time we think more about what we put on the internet and what we say to people. It's not that hard to compliment people. I'm not saying we should be overly positive about everything but maybe next time we think of saying something mean or spiteful let's just keep it to ourselves or say it less harshly. Many people type whatever they want on the internet anonymously without realizing that there's a real person behind that account.

So, It's time we think before we type.