Time shuffles by

factories with smoke under cloudy sky

Katrina, Maria, Irma, and Harvey,

Dominating through like a merciless army.

Each hurricane more deadly than the last,

Leaving nothing behind as they pass.


“It’s us,” we cried “We’re making it worse,”

We’re causing global warming and it can’t be reversed.

The politicians don’t listen, we’re too young to understand,

Who are we to say what's happening to this land.

Wait a few more years, until you're old enough to serve,

Maybe then you can fix the problems you observe.


Time shuffles by

And nothing is changed


“In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching -60º degrees,

Come back global warming, before we all freeze.”

Weather and climate, they’re not the same,

If both focused on a day, they wouldn’t have different names.


So we pull out our markers, our crayons, and our paper,

Protest around the world, make it in a few newspapers.

Everyone is proud of the action we’ve taken,

But still, the politicians remain unshaken.

We’re still too young, we have time to wait,

It will be years before we should worry, they estimate.


Time shuffles by

And nothing is changed


Years pass and conditions get harsher,

It's finally time for the politicians' departure.

We take our spots in the House and the Senate,

Ready to prevent the spread of this epidemic.


But through the window, we see its too late,

Fires, hurricanes, the worst ones to date.

We’re too far gone, our world is dying,

The danger that’s here is terrifying.


We've destroyed our Earth, the place we call home,

Soon we'll have nowhere left to roam.

The future has come, we can't wait any longer,

If only they’d listened when we were younger.


Time shuffled by

And nothing was changed