A Toast To 2022: The Seeds of a New Dawn

A sunrise with the title, "2022: For what we dreamed, we can still hope. For what we hope, we must do.

A toast to one and all, a new year is upon us. As we welcome 2022, we say goodbye to 2021. We mustn’t look down upon our shortcomings of the past year but rather look up to the stars as we stand on the mountain of knowledge and experience we have gained. For what we dreamed, we can still hope in a brighter tomorrow. The night’s darkness shall only be sign of the coming sunrise.

A toast to one and all, a new light of hope, optimism, and greatness. A new year means new beginnings to which we carry the saplings of last year’s progress to be set and spread root in the grounds to which the sun shall soon shed light upon. From the little acorn of a vision, grows the mighty oak of success. This comes after much time and dedication, nursing but a seedling to health through planning and action to the issues of our society.

A toast to one and all, let the bells ring our message. We are not trying to change what we are hopeless for but trying to change what we see greatness within as others see within us. Each and everyone one of us was chosen to go on a mission, but it’s destination is unknown for it is a journey in one’s soul. We must seek the force that our conscience lays out the roadmap of life to which we are pulled towards.

A toast to one and all, we give thanks to all who came before us. Those who laid the beginnings of the spirit within ourselves. Those who laid down their lives fighting for the values that built our society. Those who laid down their reputation for justice.

A toast to one and all, to each and every one of us. As an Ancient Greek proverb goes, “A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit”. Let us join in planting these seeds. In our efforts, the legacy of we is made from what we do. Let us not standby, let us get to work.