Tomorrow will be better

A lady wearing a black dress

Sitting alone by the corner of her building lost in thought.

Oh God! Why me? Why do I keep getting poor results from my exams, she exclaimed. When will all this struggle end? It is not as though I don’t study, I try my best to study as much as I can, yet no improvement. She sobs as tears roll down her cheek.

Nkem! Mother approaches calling and looking for her, she finally saw her sitting by the corner filled with tears rolling down her cheek.

Mama I am tired of trying so hard and everything seems fruitless. 

Nkem it’s okay, remember tomorrow will be better don’t worry, stop crying.

 She hugged me tapping me on my back.

*    *   *    *   *   *    *    *    *     *      *    *    *

4 years gone, and I can still remember Mama’s words, tomorrow will be better.

But she forgot to tell me that for tomorrow to be better, I have to work harder.

I will have to find an inner strength to go on at some point.

I have to fight a different fight.

I will have to face more obstacles and more disappointments but these hurdles shouldn't stop me from achieving my dreams.

How I wish Mama didn’t hide the bitter truth and explained to me better that it was not going to be an easy route.

I should have prepared myself ahead.

I would have known better.

Maybe things would have been different.

Now I know better.