The Tongue

Stop violence against women

I am appalled and don’t ask me why

Why I feel for the girl that was raped, mutilated, murdered and then her body destroyed like some unwanted object

Why I feel for safety and security of every girl in the country, every day, everyplace at all hours of day

Why am I affected by the news of some random girl being tortured in a far away remote village, while enjoying my privileged life in big city

How do I feel the pain that she and numerous other women go through in their life for the sole reason that they were born that way

Why do I feel my tongue is cut and spine broken, body mutilated when in real life I have no clue how that feels like

How am I talking about this when my privileged ass is sitting in a cushy sofa away from all this


I say this because I am a women, and contrary to popular belief I have rights and opinions

I may be privileged upper class but that has no relevance when it comes to creepy stare of men

My privilege is nothing when I am molested and unwantedly touched and groped in public

My privilege ends when I reject unwanted advances of men and am called names for it


A women has no right to choose and no privilege to say no to things she wants to say no to

Any thing she does for herself, any decision she takes for herself is deemed wrong by society

If she stays quiet she has no objection and she is enjoying it (reality is they don’t care)

If she says no she does not mean that and she somehow has no objection and enjoying it

If she says yes or expresses her desires she is labelled and Called names


When people compare act of sex with rape and say rape is consequence of “urges” not getting fulfilled

Because as women, any unrequited and unfulfilled “sex urge” of men is our cross to bear and a women’s consent is a myth

This is what we are considered good for to be forced upon by any and all shortcomings of society because blaming a man for forcing his “urges” and raping a women is wrong

blaming a man for destroying a women’s heat soul and body for his urges is wrong after all that is what women are made for to take shit of society


Anyone who thinks women are dispensable:


You can break my bones but you cannot break my spirit

You can crush by body but you cannot crush my soul

You can “cut my tongue” out but you cannot “silence” me