Travel through time and space

White shelves with books in a library with a futuristic appearance

There has never been a machine transporting people to the past or future; nor has there been an invention where someone can be teleported to another land. Nevertheless, humans have always had a special tool capable of doing both tasks at the same time. It has been with humanity since many centuries ago. It’s surprising that some have never seen its power or taken advantage of its benefits. Certainly, when someone applies it, he or she, for some hours, can decide where to be. 

Which is this tool that can make us travel through time and space?


When a book is opened, a door that leads to another reality has also been opened. After reading the first paragraph, the noises, the odor and the images of this new place enter the mind. When the last page has been read, a totally different land has been visited. With books, the reader has the opportunity to know another life different from the one he or she lives in. It’s also impossible to finish a book and not be much more intelligent! Why? Because stories bring to our mind new points of view, new information and they train our brains to imagine different situations. This experience surely may help someone when he or she encounters difficult circumstances.

Get to know the planet that Cervantes, Poe, Shakespeare or Verne inhabited. Understand from a story the atmosphere of World War II, medieval times, the 20th century or the industrial revolution. So much culture, so much history, some many ideas in just one object. And it also entertains! Isn’t it wonderful? In the middle of the present, our eyes can be closed so that imagination lets us fly to days we can’t experience for ourselves. Why is it important? Well, through stories we can comprehend better the past and judge the present from another spot.

Opposite to the past, the future has yet not been made. Many authors try to create the world that will exist many years from now. Writers take people to circumstances and places that maybe they are not able to imagine. It’s wrong to think that imagining things with no certainty of them occurring is not useful. Authors are trying to create a way to transport readers to hypothetical realities. The future is and will always be uncertain but when the reader imagines a passage of a book whose story is settled in another century, he or she inevitably has to meditate what kind of world he or she wants in the future and think about what actions humanity has to take to reach it.

Books are so useful! They let us fill our senses with sensations of times passed or ahead. Once you’ve read a story, you can’t stop your imagination from going to other realities. And more importantly: from the past, we comprehend better our present and from the future, we decide what world we want to live in. Not only do we learn, but we also can escape for a while from the difficulties we may be facing and return, perhaps with a solution and a smile in our face. 

I would like to invite everyone to this kind of adventures, they’re worthwhile. Who doesn’t want to travel through time and space with almost no cost and an assured safe return?