Traveling During a Pandemic

Plane engine over water and clouds

Throughout the covid-19 pandemic which has now hit its year and 11 day mark from being declared a global pandemic, a message of, "stay home save lives," has flooded the media and has been a common directive of many leaders when hoping to curb the growth of the pandemic. However, holidays like Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas and the breaks from work and school that come with them, have led to a widespread desire to travel. Many go about traveling with precaution and safety; wearing a mask, taking a viral test before traveling and after, etc. But sometimes this doesn't always create an entirely safe environment for travelers and the people they stay with when they arrive at their destination. 

My family was one of many families to travel in the midst of the pandemic, and we did take many precautions to avoid coming in contact and spreading the virus along with many others who traveled, but still there was a spike in cases following the holiday season. Moving from 100,973 cases per day in the United States on December 25th, Christmas, to 300,699 cases fourteen days after on January 8. 

So with the beginning of spring break starting here in America and many schools and workplaces taking a break from about March 9th to April 21, how will travel influence covid cases? Well, many medical officials are predicting that as long as everyone stays at home for the vacation period, not at all. Still, theme parks are expected to reach full capacity soon, plane and train ticket purchases are at a high, and in places like Miami, Florida which is a tourist hotspot, the influx of guests arriving brought the Miami Beach Commission to extend their 8pm curfew. 

So how can people, if they still decide to travel stop the spread? The CDC recommends traveling in ways that do not expose you to other people, like by car, and only visiting family that can quarantine with you for two weeks after your arrival or until you can get a viral test without worrying about any conditions that might make those family members at high risk. If you are going to be traveling via plane, stock up on masks, hand sanitizer, and hand wipes so you can wipe the surfaces around you. 

All in all, travel intense periods can have varying results, from none at all, to an increase of hundreds of thousands of cases daily. So be careful, make sure to wash your hands, and stay safe!

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