The Tree


Education is like a tree  

It sprouts and grows as long as you take care of it  

It will help to a massive degree  

Even if it's just bit by bit.  


Kids around the world don't get a chance to learn  

Due to the future that was left for them  

But if people that have the power to help were in concern  

It would make that kids future from a brick to a gem  


We could create different places to grow this tree  

That could take care of people that want to understand  

And be able to surround them in glee  

With the many problems at hand  


If we all give a little of water to the roots  

We can help the future, help us further develop  

And create new routes  

Be able to have a good future, and make it enveloped.  



By Isaac, 13, from Colegio Menor Samborondón