True Terror

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What is True terror? You may think that it is when a war is declared or a shooting etc. But I think true terror is when it involves yourself. If it doesn't Directly affect YOU then it cannot be described as terror. You may be scared but not in terror. Now terror does not have to be lethal or frightening. It can be as simple as your computer being taken away. And that’s what it was for me.

That was the moment that I experienced true terror. We had just moved to Worthington two months ago, and all I did was play on my computer. My dad got fed up and started unplugging the cords powering the computer, and then just like that it was gone.

My heart started pounding, and I started hyperventilating. Now you maybe thinking that is a stupid thing to be terrified about but that computer was my life. Getting separated from it felt like the end of the world. I went through the 5 Stages of Grief™. But I will say it, now that I've had some time to process what had happened, it has been a good change. I've gotten outside more, and I'm more willing to go out and do stuff with my dad.

So yes this story may not have been what you were expecting, but it makes you think. What is terror really? Is it something that is all over the news or something happening in your own home? Just wait until something you really love to do gets taken away and you will see what true terror is.  

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