Two strangers sitting behind screens, 100 miles apart and arguing


Have you ever casually scroll through your socials and find a post with tons of arguments beneath it? Happens every day. Although sometimes we may not interfere, it’s not at all easy to avoid getting your insides heated as well.


     I’ll start by stating what i perceived myself, the roots of these controversial posts and comments that exist anywhere. By anywhere I mean even a random post on common decency and basic human rights. Sheesh. So, why the fuss though? We can kinda agree, that any sort of stance a commenter, or post seems to have, politically, religious or cultural can be visible as they post it. Hence, even a non-harmful wholesome one could get some sort of backlash, no matter how right it seems. People just keep coming to justify action after action until it gets complicated with so many twists and turns.


    Sometimes, someone can not even attack points, but tear down others personally, in a way of harming them. It is a very immature way of responding but trolling is very common nowadays, so countering their argument can be invalid because of that. However, it can be best to have a chance in fighting against people with lack of morals. Getting another person to get a glimpse of the opposing side is a way of fighting the hate in this world, even if they don’t end up siding with the truth.



      What we can learn from these ‘keyboard warriors’ is that on the internet, we must behave. As in behave I don’t mean having no freedom of speech, but avoiding any sorts of prejudice against one cannot change. And that also comes with respect to others opinions, as long as it doesn’t go against morality. We should always think before posting something and browse the internet with an open mind, to avoid misunderstandings and, arguments that can end up in cyber bullying.

Digital behaviour is just a replication of human behaviour - Paul Papadimitriou