The underlying meaning of trying

Try and grow

Many of us encounter obstacles in our lives. The situation we are in, and the problem itself may vary from person to person. However, there is one fact that does not change, which goes in common with everyone: that we all have the power within us to try and make a change, regardless of the results.

When we are in trouble, we often think that nothing could make our situations better. We give up trying further and give in to those problems, feeling ourselves as unworthy. However, when we don’t give up, and when we just try, things do change. For me, I had assignments flooding.

Yet I wanted to go to a concert on the due date of my assignments. I was about to give up the concert, when I thought it wasn’t reasonable at all to give up what I wanted to do so easily. So I did my best on finishing my assignments. As a result, I could make it to the concert. We are not unworthy. We have more potential than we think we do, enough to go through everything. Don’t give up before trying.

What often stops us from trying is the results. We fear to fail and fear the aftermath of our choices. We also often think that effort without good results only wastes time. Yet, we should not forget that our action itself is meaningful. Of course, it will be great to win a prize. But what matters if we don’t win a prize? The fact that we didn’t get good scores, does not make our exertions while trying into nothing.

The experiences and the valuable knowledge we earned from giving a try to something is still there, now to be a part of us. Maybe we could have failed from studying. Then we will be able to know how much effort we will need to perform better next time. Also, you will become proud of yourself because you stood up to something you feared to do. Every experience of trying will strengthen us, and give the power to overcome another challenge, maybe something even harsher than before.

The point is, don’t forget that you can do it. Giving a try does not harm anyone, so just try it. You will see yourself that things can change and see yourself grow from those experiences. Don’t be afraid of trying.

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