The Underrated Question

A girl baking cookies

I look up to the sky and wonder,
how are you doing?
Often, we mask our replies
and just tell a lie.

Lies we try to convince ourselves,
lies we tell others to not make them worry.
After all, all that matters is what's beneath that mask... right?

There are times we feel like
we're fighting back a tsunami
when we're really just holding a few tears.
Other times, we feel like we're a rock or a stone:
Unbreakable and tough.

There are times when we feel like
our heart is in our throats, 
and it's as if we're gagging on it.
Other times, it's as if our heart is in our mouths
and we just chew it. 

On those days, I hope you remember:
there is always a silver lining in the cloud,
there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Look straight ahead, or lookup
take a deep breath and keep moving forward;
Only then will you see,
the silver lining or the light you're looking for
is actually near.