Understanding the Problems America Faces is the Key to Solving Them

Picture symbolizing trust and brace through a handshake over picture of world

Once a year we get a physical with our local doctor to check up on our overall well being. Every four years we elect a leader to head our nation. When we run out of toilet paper we go to the local store and pick up some more. All of these things share a common denominator, that paired with collaborative fostering will be the key to attempting to solve the current societal issues. That common key factor is trust. We trust that our doctors will adequately give us care to the best of their abilities. We trust our officials to represent our various interests. We trust our stores to have toilet papers.

Recently though we have come to see that these things are not guaranteed. We have lost trust in our country. Modern medicine has met a powerful foe. Politically the divide in our country is as strong as ever. And well, to be frank, the toilet paper situation has been less than ideal. 

We must understand that we are searching for answers that are not there. Instead I propose we search for solutions. Answers are a quick fix at a snap of a finger but to have long lasting beneficial change our country needs solutions. It is evident to understand there is, have been, and always will be problems with our country and society as a whole. The beautiful thing about the United States of America is that those problems and the ability to completely divulge into them is what allows for the further growth of society. Our country was founded on the ability to critique it. It’s what gives me the ability to pen this combination of words where I state AMERICA HAS GOT A LOT OF PROBLEMS.

The acknowledgement of our ability to discuss that very idea is the basis that allows us to change those wrongs. We must trust the foundation that the founding fathers put in place in order to challenge it.

Trust is something that must be earned not demanded. The type of trust that is needed in our country is different in the sense that we are not trusting that things this very instance are right but instead we are trusting that by coming together we can create a better tomorrow, a better next week, a better next year, a better society. We must remember that political debates are just that, the debate of opinion not fact. It is not an easy task to determine the difference between fact versus the idea of right and wrong.

In the case of Coronavirus it is right to wear a mask, it is wrong not to. It is not a fact though, that businesses should or should not be open or that students should or should not go back to school because there is no definitive answer. In the case of police brutality, it is wrong to kill unarmed human. It is not a fact but merely a topic of debate how to allocate the funds to the police force. There is no definitive answer but there is an opportunity to continue the advancement of our country. The trust in policy makers and community leaders to come to common conclusions is what should be strived for. 

The continued betterment of our country should be the goal. A goal that has no end but instead only a simple way of journey which is, trusting.

Trusting in our countries foundation and trusting in each other. I say we fight tooth and nail for what we believe in. Discuss all sides of an argument not just one side or another, but every side. The very idea of disagreeing is what will allow us to one day agree. Understand that by doing so the future capabilities of society are unimaginable and undeniably better because it is not the fight for one's ideas versus another’s but it is instead the common goal of the continued betterment and prosper of a nation. Trust in others and allow others to trust in you and together society will surely reap the benefits.

United States of America