United Nations Day: A Day Of The World! 🌍

UN Art.

Happy UN Day! This is a day that marks the historic establishment of the United Nations, an organization that keeps hundreds of countries in harmony. This day is important as it celebrates global euphoria and everyone can represent their cultures and traditions, make agreements, meet with other countries and more!

I am proud of the United Nations for all they are accomplishing and trying to accomplish. They are giving youths (like myself) a chance to raise our voices against the innumerable injustices that plague the globe today, such as climate change, gender inequality, poverty, education and more. This is just one of the many things they are doing.

They are making countries foster friendly relations with one another for knowing about their culture and to really just be on friendly terms with a different nation.

The youths are using various ways to display their activism's prowess; artwork, protesting, writing, giving speeches and more. Some youths are even working with the UN themselves to make the world a better place!

Six years ago in 2015, the UN has come up with seventeen SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) to tackle the many issues plaguing so many nations; a lot of them being the poorest of nations, but these issues are also eminent in wealthier countries too, albeit more subtly.

The United Nations now has an impact more prominent than ever in this modern era. The organization has gravitated its focal points mostly on maintaining global peace amongst innumerable nations (hence the name), providing humanitarian aid to the nations that need it, tackling global issues, such as climate change, gender inequality and poverty being some of them and showcasing the versatile cultures of this globe. The UN really is working to make the world a better place!

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