The unknown consequences

Green plants around a raindrop that represents a globe

A beautiful land filled of nutrients and shade.

Only to be destroyed by those who raid.

Coming in to steal, and destroy.

For their own needs

They make anything bleed.


Land full with grace, 

being killed without a trace.

Ice melting, humans dwelling,

Animals all around suffering,

From humans hovering.


Gas in the air kind of hard to breathe,

Being trapped underneath,

Not knowing the results from this genocide,

Being part of this lie.


Being told we were meant to be savages,

From being humans, turned to ravages.

All I hear is Me, Me, Me. 

Never will you hear We.


It time to change our ways,

To get out of this phase,

To open doors to the new way,

Or here comes doomsday.



“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.“
-George Bernard Shaw
United States of America