Masked people

It’s been a while since I stopped wearing a mask. And after that, I started feeling uncomfortable. I realized that mask helped me to hide my uncontrollable smile from people.

* * *

I can be more honest with people other than my family. The less the people know me, the more I can be honest with them. Because people who know me have a certain image of me and they have certain expectations about me.

Sometimes I have to brace myself in front of other people, because of my own expectations of myself

I can be my most honest self when I am completely alone. That is when I can be my truest, unmasked self. Whenever I am with people, in one way or another I can’t fully express myself and be myself. But when I am alone, I don’t have to hide anything and I feel so free.

I can open myself up only through writing. When I write, I can open up without any fear. And when I write for myself, that’s the best.