The Voice

A coin in Poor's hand.

We are homeless, not hopeless.

We are crying, but trying.

We are hungry, so we beg.

We have limited, so we respect.


What do you do?

You are a slave of your gadgets.

Nothing real matters to you.

Have you any emotions? NO.

 You say you have. But if you have —

Why you do everything for money, not for eternal peace or happiness?

All have to go empty-handed, but with our deeds.

You collect money with sin.

When will you understand

That you should do good for all.

And get their blessings and good-wishes.

And not forget to make your contribution for the Mother Nature

Whom you have taken for granted.

I don't know how I make you understand that —

It's not the time to regret, but to act.

Not to worsen, but to correct.