A voice to be heard

A fist in the air, the letters "BLM" written on the wrist.

Black stands not timid, frail or ashamed,

Black neglected, stripped of voice,



determination and focus quakes in her ears,

Black smiles but tears.

Black is beautiful.


Black’s community: ‘outcasts and lawbreakers’

head up, sit straight. 

doubt persevered,

Emotions starts to seep in.

Thoughts, dreams, ideas shattered,

Black still climbs her mountains.

Racism dwells in her mind,

her heart,

Black is beautiful.


Her voice caged,

humanity not willing to change.

Blacks head in her stained hands,

still no prevail.

Earths’ once beautiful flower;

powerless and in vain.

Black is beautiful.


Something Black failed to notice is where her beauty lies;

In the breadth of her smile,

The Afro compelled by her braids,

The complexion of her skin,

The accent between her lips,

Black is beautiful; Black was always Beautiful 


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